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Month: May, 2012

Grinnell 1988 Yearbook



Grinnell 1986 Yearbook PDF

200 pages! Go big or go home.



1985 Grinnell Yearbook PDF

Grinnell 1985… the introduction of some color photo pages!



Grinnell 1984 Yearbook PDF

Grinnell 1984 Yearbook. It was printed on cream paper and brown ink. So, it is a little bit of an eyeball strain.



Grinnell 1983 Yearbook PDF

Attached is the Grinnell 1983 Yearbook!Grinnell1983Yearbook

Grinnell 1987 Yearbook

I created a PDF of most of the pages of the Grinnell 1987 year book. I will be grabbing individual photos and posting to Facebook, but for now, the digital copy will reside here. If anyone wants to help me grab the photos, let me know. 1987-grinnell-yearbookv3